Bear Creek at Linville Mountain Development

Bear Creek is located in Linville north Carolina and consists of 145 acres of beautiful property that is being developed with great care to try to preserve the natural beauty that now exists. Great efforts are being made to work around the trees and the streams to impact as little as possible.

  • 145 Acres of Beautiful Property
  • Only 100 Residential Units
  • Lots, Cottages, Custom Homes and Town Homes
  • 30 Acres of Wildlife Preserve

There are wild turkey, grouse, deer and bear that live at Bear Creek, and we are doing our best to encourage them to stay. We are leaving a preserve of over 30 acres just for the wildlife habitat. To be able to see the wildlife in a setting that they will always feel safe and protected is our first goal, then to be able to build within the surrounding area for our residents who enjoy being part of nature and the beauty that God created adds to the enjoyment of developing Bear Creek.

Dale Kidder has been building for us at our development, Bear Creek at Linville since we first started construction in late 2003.

His honesty and integrity is at the level that you would never feel the need to question him about it. His quality of workmanship in his buildings never needs to be addressed and he sees to it that his subs work at his same standards or he will not keep them on the job. He does not tolerate sub-standard work. He takes pride in his buildings and has always returned to address punch list items with our residents, when many contractors would leave you stranded once the job is finished. He has never failed to work with us on call backs for very minor situations, and with some that may not have been his responsibility.

We’ve been in the development business for thirty plus years and we’ve seen many contractors come and go by the way and we might say, without missing too many of them. We don’t feel that way at all about Dale Kidder. We feel very fortunate to have him as our contractor and never felt the need to look elsewhere for a builder. Dale is a professional and a credit to the field of General Contractors.

David and Doris Swor / Developers

  • Bear Creek at Linville Custom Home by Kidder Construction
  • Kidder Construction Bear Creek at Linville Custom Home